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Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Willows Primary School, Newbury. View directions

Contact: Jayne Mann, School Appeals Officer 

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To sign and approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting of SACRE held on 9 June 2015.


It was agreed that the Minutes were a true reflection of the previous meeting.


Elect new Chair and Vice-Chair


Mary Harwood agreed to remain as the Chair of this SACRE. Proposed by Bernard Eggleton and seconded by Robin Sharples.  Bernard Eggleton agreed to remain as Deputy Chair of this SACRE. Proposed by Mary Harwood and seconded by Sue Plackett.


Matters arising (Lord Nash letter)


The draft letter has been done by Jo. It was agreed to send this to Jayne Mann (the Clerk) to put on headed paper and get the Chair to sign.


Membership update


Rabbi Zvi Solomons will no longer be attending this SACRE. It was agreed that Jo would contact the local Jewish Synagogue to see if they could agree to another representative.


Report on the Joint SACREs Conference and the Places of Worship project


Jo reported that this was a good session and very interactive. Lots of teachers attended from WBC than anywhere else. Three primary schools were interested in the Places of Worship. JF to co-ordinate this. It was discussed whether a workbook could be developed where children fill it in as they go round their visit.

General feedback:  SP said that this had been well received. JD told us that she uses children of all faiths to assist with this. Children took ownership and enjoyed this. BE said that this type of exercise ticked all the boxes and would give teachers more confidence. JF said this exercise would need to be right as school visits were expensive to run.

Proposal: should project continue? All the Culham funding has been used.  This needs co-ordination across the six ‘Berkshire’ SACREs to go forward efficiently. It might be possible to organise this as a continuing joint project to help work out costs. A project report will need to be submitted to the Culham St Gabriel’s Trustees. There is a need to decide how one or more web links can be made available. JF to liaise with David Wylie and cost project.


Report on the Secondary RE Network meeting


Nothing much to report as no one from the network has accepted the invitation to attend the SACRE meeting.


Annual SACRE Report 2014-15 pdf icon PDF 169 KB


JF – work in progress, It was agreed at the meeting that the content and format was good. It was agreed at the meeting that the figures for the GCSE entries should be included in the report.


Award for inclusive schools pdf icon PDF 48 KB


KH – Did anyone know of any schools that would be interested, possibly The Willows? JD said that the school had done some interesting work with multi faith children.

JM to send paper to all primary and secondary schools.


New Settlement Report and associated NASACRE Briefing Paper pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


It was proposed by RS that we need a small group to look at the implications of this. Everyone at the meeting agreed with this proposal.

Group would consist of Robin, Jo F and Mary H.


Continuation of the RE trails project


JF has made start on the Newbury Trail, to liaise with David Wylie and ask him to assist.

After the meeting PB was in contact with Anthony Pick of West Berkshire Heritage Forum who was willing to give some assistance with this. AP suggested “The Story of Newbury” by David Peacock, which might prove useful.


Update on the RE Coordinators meeting this term


The meeting for the autumn term was cancelled because so few people had booked to attend.  The spring term meeting is scheduled for Thursday 11 February and a major agenda item will be the Crossing the Bridge materials.


SACRE Members Handbook pdf icon PDF 254 KB

Available from the NASACRE website.


Now available on the NASACRE website.


Date of next meeting


Monday, 8 February 2016 at 4pm at The Willows Primary School.