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Final Schools Funding Formula 2019/20 (Amin Hussain)


Amin Hussain introduced the report (Agenda Item 6), which set out the final primary and secondary school funding formula for 2019/20. Consultation had taken place on the Funding Formula and, as a result, a 2% per pupil cap on gains and 0% Minimum Funding Guarantee had been approved.

The final schools block Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) funding for 2019/20 was £100.09m. After deducting £0.555m for the growth fund this left £999.535m to be allocated to schools.

Appendix A showed the school formula allocations for each school. Overall there was £3m of extra funding going into West Berkshire Schools. Amin Hussain added that the final decision would taken by the Council’s Executive in February.

The Chairman reminded the Forum of the recommendations set out in the report:

1)    To note the final formula rates and allocations to schools, to be approved by the Council’s Executive on 14th February 2019.

2)    For schools that gained funding under the new formula, additional funding be capped at 2% per pupil (as per the National Funding Formula).

3)    For schools that lost funding under the new formula, a minimum funding guarantee of an additional 0% per pupil increase be applied (maximum affordable).

Keith Harvey proposed that the Schools’ Forum agree the recommendations set out in section two of the report (as above) and this was seconded by Chris Prosser. At the vote the motion was carried.

RESOLVED that the recommendations as set out in section two of the report were agreed.

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