West Berkshire Council

Agenda item

Vulnerable Children's Fund - Annual Report for 2018/19 (Michelle Sancho)


Michelle Sancho introduced the report (Agenda Item 10), which sought a review of the Vulnerable Children’s Fund (VCF) for 2018/19.

The report compared how funding was used two years previously. The VCF had been reduced from £60k to £50k from the previous year in order to contribute savings in the High Needs Block. The money was mainly used by primary schools for Teaching Assistant support in unexpected circumstances, for example if a new child joined a school and the necessary support required for the child was not in place.

Michelle Sancho reported that the number of schools accessing the fund had remained fairly constant. Reverend Mark Bennet noted that although the number of schools accessing the fund had remained constant the number of requests for funding had reduced. Michelle Sancho explained that this was because the level of funding had reduced therefore depleted sooner. Schools were also aware that the funding was only short term.

RESOLVED that the Schools’ Forum noted the report.

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