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Trade Union Facilities Time - Annual Report for 2018/19 (Gary Upton)


Gary Upton introduced his report (Agenda Item 11) that informed the Schools’ Forum of the activities undertaken by teacher trade unions.

Gary Upton explained that a pot of money was put aside by schools that used the facility. The money enabled Gary Upton and other Union members to be released to conduct trade union duties with schools.

Sometimes Headteachers used the services more than others and useful relationships had been formed with Headteachers, which had resulted in reduced need for face to face meetings. Efficient phone call and email conversations resulted in a reduction in one to one case work.

A lot of good work had taken place with the Local Authority regarding policy and guidance. Gary Upton used the opportunity to thank Headteachers who had been receptive to policy changes.

Ian Pearson added that Facilities Time was a de-delegated service that was available to all maintained primary and secondary schools. Academies were also able to buy in to the service. Gary Upton stated that efforts were made to encourage academy schools to buy into the service. He commented that it was particularly useful for the large scale academy trusts to use the service as they gained access to local trade union representatives.  

RESOLVED that the Schools’ Forum noted the report.

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