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Budgets and Criteria for Additional Funds 2021/22: High needs (Melanie Ellis)


Melanie Ellis introduced the report (Agenda Item 7) which set out the proposed budgets for additional funds for 2021/22 in relation to high needs only.  The full report was agreed at the Schools Forum in October 2020, but the budget for high needs required further discussion.

The recommendation had initially been to set the budget at £100k for  schools with disproportionate numbers of high needs pupils. It had however been noted at the Schools’ Forum in October 2020 that there had been an underspend in this area over previous years. Following further analysis it was proposed that a lower amount of £40k be agreed.

The Chairman invited members of the Forum to consider the proposal under section 4.1 of the report. Keith Harvey proposed that the recommendation be approved and this was seconded by Catie Colston. At the vote the motion was carried.

RESOLVED that the Forum agreed that the budget for additional high needs funding be set at £40k in 2021/22.

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