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Committee details

Joint Public Protection Committee

Purpose of committee

The Joint Public Protection Committee provides strategic direction and makes key decisions regarding the Joint Public Protection Service. This is a shared service provided by Bracknell Forest District Council, West Berkshire District Council and Wokingham Borough Council.


The Partnership is responsible for carrying out each Council’s functions in respect of environmental health, licensing, gambling and trading standards.


Each Council nominates one Executive and one non-Executive member to the Committee, which meets at least twice per year.


You can see a list of the decisions the Committee will consider on the Forward Plan.


  • John Harrison (Bracknell Forest Council)   
  • John Porter (Bracknell Forest Council)   
  • Councillor James Cole   
  • John Halsall (Wokingham Borough Council)   
  • Graham Howe (Wokingham Borough Council)   
  • Dr Gareth Barnard (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Paul Bettison (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Dale Birch (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Marc Brunel-Walker (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Dorothy Hayes (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Peter Heydon (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Chris Turrell (Bracknell Forest Council)  (Substitute) 
  • Councillor Hilary Cole  (Chairman) 
  • Councillor Howard Woollaston  (Substitute) 
  • Parry Batth (Wokingham Borough Council)  (Vice-Chairman) 
  • Chris Bowring (Wokingham Borough Council)   

Contact information

Support officer: Moira Fraser / Jo Reeves.

Phone: (01635) 519045 / 519486

Email: moira.fraser@westberks.gov.uk / joanna.reeves@westberks.gov.uk