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Improve Road Safety for People Crossing the A4 road at Wigmore Lane, Theale

We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Take measures to improve safety for people crossing the A4 road to get to and from Wigmore Lane, Theale.

Crossing the A4 at this point is dangerous because it is close to the A4/A340 roundabout, traffic is moving fast and visibility to the west is restricted by a bend.

People crossing the A4 at this point include:

• Residents accessing shops and other facilities in Theale
• Schoolchildren going to and from school
• Residents and workers using the bus stop
• Walkers using the public footpath at the end of the lane

Measures considered should include provision of a pedestrian refuge and a made-up path to and across the existing traffic island.

This ePetition ran from 03/12/2013 to 12/12/2013 and has now finished.

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