West Berkshire Council

Election results for Thatcham (North East)

Parish & Town Council Elections 2019 - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

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Thatcham (North East) - results
Election Candidate Party Votes
Lee Raymond James Dillon Liberal Democrats 1046 Elected
Mike Cole Liberal Democrats 1041 Elected
Jeremy Richard Cottam Liberal Democrats 990 Elected
Christine Susan Rice Liberal Democrats 930 Elected
Lourdes Abiega Cottam Liberal Democrats 916 Elected
Jason Paul Collis Conservative Party 673 Not elected
Simon Matthew Carr Conservative Party 652 Not elected
Carla Jane Denton-Powell Conservative Party 603 Not elected
Sheila Margaret Ellison Conservative Party 594 Not elected
Iain Anthony David Murphy Conservative Party 487 Not elected
Lou Coulson Labour Party 208 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 5
Total votes 8140
Electorate 5591
Number of ballot papers issued 1909
Number of ballot papers rejected 34
Turnout 34%
Rejected ballot papers
being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty30
voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to4
Total rejected34