West Berkshire Council

Election results for Newbury (East Fields)

Parish & Town Council Elections 2019 - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

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Newbury (East Fields) - results
Election Candidate Party Votes
Billy Drummond Liberal Democrats 896 Elected
Olivia Marie Elizabeth Lewis Liberal Democrats 820 Elected
Erik Pattenden Liberal Democrats 819 Elected
Jon Gage Liberal Democrats 809 Elected
Vaughan John Miller Liberal Democrats 794 Elected
John Henry Bennett Conservative Party 362 Not elected
Norma Murray Conservative Party 359 Not elected
George Paterson Conservative Party 337 Not elected
Archie William Denison-Smith Conservative Party 332 Not elected
Dave Joseph Mbawa Conservative Party 300 Not elected
Malik Kamail Pasha Azam UK Independence (UKIP) 179 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 5
Total votes 6007
Electorate 4764
Number of ballot papers issued 1423
Number of ballot papers rejected 33
Turnout 30%
Rejected ballot papers
being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty33
Total rejected33