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The Executive is the main decision-making body of the Council. It comprises up to ten councillors from the ruling political party, including the person chosen by that party to be Council Leader. The Leader chairs the meetings. The other Executive members (or Portfolio Holders as they are sometimes called) each have a responsibility for a particular area (portfolio) which includes highways, transport, planning, environment, housing, children and young people, education, communities, finance, health and wellbeing. The portfolio for each member can be obtained by clicking on the names in the membership list below.


The Executive meets in public usually every six weeks in the Council Chamber, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD. Although the majority of decisions are made in public, some items may need to be discussed in private (these are known as Part II Exempt Items or confidential items). The Executive is responsible for taking ‘key decisions’. These are decisions that affect two or more wards and decisions that will have a significant impact on the Council’s budget.


Members of the public can attend Executive meetings and those living or working in West Berkshire can submit questions to the Executive and also present petitions (see Asking a question at a meeting).


Contact:  Democratic Services Team


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Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services Team.

Postal address:
Strategic Support
Council Offices
Market Street
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Phone: (01635) 519462

Email: executivecycle@westberks.gov.uk

Web site: http://www.westberks.gov.uk